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Git ‘Er Done!

Git Workflows That Help You Move Faster

10 minute read

Gitflow, Forking, Feature Branch, and Centralized are all Git workflows. But which one can help you deliver stable working software the fastest? In this post, we’re going to di...

DevOps Automation Permalink

What it is, where it falls short and how we can fix it

If you are a software developer or if you work with software developers, chances are you have at least heard of DevOps. But, what does it really mean? What is the state of DevOp...

Continuous Integration (CI) Explained

What it is, what it does, and how to implement it

11 minute read

Software development automation != Continuous Integration (CI). However, the former is a component of the latter. Here, we focus specifically on CI: what it is, what it does, w...

Scaling Environments Up & Down Permalink

Don't forget to scale down for software development

Somehow we commonly forget about supporting the software developers who are responsible for the future development of the software product. We get so wrapped up in making sure ...

Managing Terraform At Scale Permalink

Techniques For Managing Terraform State and Modules

Terraform is a great tool for developing Infrastructure as Code (IaC). But it’s not without a few gotchas, specifically the management of Terraform state and reusable Terraform...