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Redis L2 Cache Integration Using Jedis

9 minute read

Redis is fast, easy to manage and quick to deploy. So, let’s build a Hibernate L2 cache integration with Redis using the popular Java client, Jedis!

It’s Time To Rethink How We Test

7 minute read

Unit testing, component testing, integration testing, acceptance testing, exploratory testing… You’ve heard the terms, maybe even practiced testing at various levels on the Test...

Code Quality, Not Test Coverage

7 minute read

It’s easy to look at a metric like test coverage and equate high test coverage with high code quality. But it’s just not that simple. Test coverage and other “code quality” metr...

Why You Need an ID Token and an Access Token

5 minute read

If you read our last post Secure Access Using SAML, OAuth and OIDC or if you have a decent understanding of OAuth and you’re looking at OpenID Connect like “Why do I need an ID ...

Secure Access Using SAML, OAuth and OIDC

8 minute read

Does your organization use a single sign-on solution? Do you need to hook into it? Or maybe you want to allow your users to sign on with their Google login? Heck, even if you wa...