building software better.

About Us

Blu Flame Technologies is a software company that solves DevOps onboarding, security, automation, integration and toolchain orchestration problems so that software developers, teams and organizations can focus on creating great software.


Our Principles

Quality as a Practice

We're not talking about beating our chests with arbitrary metrics... when it comes to quality, we mean it. Quality as a practice is continuously testing our software at multiple levels, quickly integrating feedback and consistently striving to improve our product(s) and the way we work. But it's also enabling our customers to do the same. We want our software to be great. And we want your software to be great, too!

Fix, Don't Workaround

We're not perfect. Sometimes we break stuff. And when that happens, working around a problem might be an easy solution, but it should never be the long-term solution. A workaround treated like a fix is just a future problem waiting to happen. We work around problems when we must, but we fix them as soon as we can. Because we'd rather spend most of our time creating solutions for tomorrow, not climbing over problems from yesterday.

Reuse, First

As tempting as it may be to reinvent technology, reuse should always be the first choice. Reuse is part and parcel with research. What is the problem? Has it been solved before? Can you take advantage of the available solution(s)? Does it meet the need? Is there an existing pattern or practice that addresses the problem? We reuse from each other and we reuse from the community. And like all responsible consumers, it's important to also give back for the benefit of others.

Focus on Genba

Genba (sometimes written as Gemba) is a Japanese word meaning "the actual place." It has also been adopted as common lingo amongst Lean practitioners. By going to the actual place [where the problem occurred or where the value is created], we can focus more directly on our product(s) and on our customers. When we see what our customers see, when we experience what they experience, the BS gives way to purpose.

Earn Trust

Our customers must trust that our product(s) are stable, reliable, available and valuable. Sure, a component of that is quality. But it's more than that. It's about creating a relationship and taking our responsibilities to that relationship seriously. We put earning trust at the cornerstone of our business - from how we interact with our customers and our partners to how leaders interact with their teams.


Good intentions, politics and slick talk mean nothing if you can't deliver a valuable product. We're a software company. We deliver software. We build solutions to hard problems. That's what we do. Sure, we have setbacks. But we assess, we correct, we persist and we deliver.